Collaborations are hallmark to St. Simon’s success

St. Simon’s After-School goes beyond the school — tapping community resources and devoted volunteers as partners to engage kids in learning and foster their care.

Dallas Independent School District

One of DISD’s core beliefs is that every student must be educated in a safe, welcoming, effective, and innovative environment which is exactly what we believe. They also believe that a supportive community is fundamental to achieving and sustaining success, and therefore they support partnerships with community, business, civic, and faith-based organizations to help them achieve excellence. Our partnership enhances both of our abilities to meet our goals.

First Books Dallas

First Book’s mission is to give children from low-income families the opportunity to read and own their first books. In pursuing this mission First Book has distributed more than 50 million books.  St. Simon’s distributes up to four books each school year – often times, these are the only books these children receive during the year other than their school books – books they own and can put their names in. First Book praises the relationship with St. Simon’s saying “St. Simon’s offers an excellent environment for the kids to get their books and help reading them”.

Episcopal School of Dallas

ESD is recognized as one of the premier schools in our region. One of the school’s founding tenets is Service to Others.

In addition to our mainline programs, we partner with Episcopal School of Dallas (ESD) to provide scholarship opportunities for high-achieving students enrolled in our St. Simon’s After-School programs. Our volunteers and teachers work with the student’s families, current school staff, ESD staff, etc. to facilitate the application, testing, and admission process. The scholarships are funded by ESD, and St. Simon’s pays a small portion towards each scholarship annually. To date, seven of our St. Simon’s students have applied and been accepted for these full scholarships. These students are currently exceeding expectations and reaching their full potential at ESD. Many having received academic awards.


We have partnered with Istation educational software company to provide remedial reading programs for students who have major reading deficiencies. Istation implements effective data-driven instruction and lessons and allows struggling students to learn at their own pace. This program uses real time data to identify struggling students, drives instruction, and tracks progress. Principals will select the students who participate based on their need for intervention and additional support.

Good Shepherd Men’s Group

Each year, prior to the holiday’s, the men of Good Shepherd (Episcopal Labor Force – ELF) meet every Monday night during football season. The main activity of the ELF group is to make toys for the St. Simon’s After-School program. The group has a full woodworking production line set up to make the toys, engage in fellowship with the rest of the men of the church and watch the game on the a big screen while making the toys. The toys are bagged up and include a candy cane. The children are always so excited to receive these gifts which are distributed during each school’s holiday party.

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