St. Simon’s Mission

To support elementary school children and their families who are challenged by
economic and family situations by providing:

  • a safe, familiar nurturing place for children to be after school,
  • a nutritional snack, and
  • encouragement and assistance with academic and social development

“Early childhood education experts conclude that a complement of early education and
participation in after-school programs can reduce initiating drug use among youth by nearly 50%”

St. Simon’s History

St. Simon’s After-School was started by the Episcopal Diocese of Dallas as a charitable volunteer based mission in the 1950’s to provide free after-school care for young children. We were established as a result of the overwhelming need to provide a safe after-school environment for young children and offer assistant and hope for struggling families in our community. In the late 1990’s, ties with the Episcopal Church were dissolved and St. Simon’s became an independent 501(c)3 organization.

The families we support live in difficult circumstances in difficult neighborhoods. They are not on welfare, they are the working poor. They are either single parent families or dual income families and can barely make ends meet, much less pay for after-school care. So their children, no matter what their age, end up at home alone.

About St. Simon’s

St. Simon’s After-School
P.O. Box 700324
Dallas, TX 75370